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Excessive need to do things correctly or perfectly. viagra jokes pictures Again and again, the individual experiences a disturbing thought, such as, "my hands may be contaminated -- i must wash them" or "i may have left the gas on" or "i am going to injure my child. " these thoughts tend to be intrusive, unpleasant, and produce a high degree of anxiety. Sometimes the obsessions are of a violent or a sexual nature, or concern illness. online cialis sales (nimh) compulsions in response to their obsessions, most people with ocd resort to repetitive behaviors called compulsions. The most common of these are washing and checking (e. G. buy cialis generic , making sure the gas from the oven has been turned off). Other compulsive behaviors include counting (often while performing another compulsive action such as hand washing), repeating, hoarding, and endlessly rearranging objects in an effort to keep them in precise alignment with each other. online pharmacy for generic viagra Cognitive problems, such as mentally repeating phrases, list making, or checking, are also common. viagra or viagra is better These behaviors generally are intended to ward off harm to the person with ocd or others. Some people with ocd have regimented rituals while others have rituals that are complex and changing. Performing rituals may give the person with ocd some relief from anxiety, but it is only temporary. (nimh) we have developed the information here to act as a comprehensive guide to help you better understand ocd and find out more information about them on your own. cialis info Choose from among the categories at left to begin your journey into recovery from this treatable disorder. Treatment help is available for ocd in the form of medication and specific forms of psychotherapy (e. G. canada cialis generic , cognitive-behavioral therapy for ocd). cialis canada Consultation with a psychiatrist and a psychologist or social worker with expertise in cbt are recommended first steps. online pharmacy for generic viagra A few other notes are relevant: obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors that worsen during times of stress are quite normally experienced by many people, and are not necessarily a sign of ocd. cheap cialis The tendency to become obsessed with ideas or to compulsively pursue organization and ordering tasks are valued personality features in a variety of detail-oriented fields, including accounting, computer programming and scientific research. over the counter viagra at walgreens True ocd is an extreme condition diagnosed only when obsessions and compulsions cause significant impairment in a person’s ability to work or meet other important responsibilities (such as when a person is unable to get to work on time because she is spending over an hour checking to see that her door is locke.

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sfaturile specialistilor nostri

  • cum ne spalam dintii?
    Plasati periuta de dinti la jonctiunea dintre dinti si
    gingie intr-un unghi de aproximativ 45 de grade
    mai mult
  • apa de gura
    Apa de gura este un antiseptic minunat pentru cavitatea bucala si asigura o respiratie placuta dupa clatire, dar nu inlocuieste periajul, ci vine sa-l completeze
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  • ata dentara
    Se gaseste in aproape toate farmaciile, nu ne afecteaza bugetul (costa in jur de 10 RON)
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bine ati venit la cabinetul nostru stomatologic

Cabinetul nostru este situat in zona Calea Mosilor, in incinta institutului de proiectare     
SC IPROLAM SA                                                                         

Intr-un mediu prietenos si relaxant, va oferim asistenta stomatologica de specialitate, constand in tratamente si lucrari stomatologice la un inalt standard de calitate.

Siguranta pacientilor fiind foarte importanta, tehnica dentara, instrumentarul, aparatura si materialele utilizate de noi corespund asigurarii in cele mai bune conditii a serviciilor oferite.

Cabinetul nostru practica preturi care sa faca posibila colaborarea cu dumneavoastra.
Consultatia primara este gratuita.
In cadrul acesteia se va discuta cu dvs planul de tratament.
Va asteptam !

Dr Corina Zerfas


Telefon: 0723743678, 0745085246

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